Silicon Molds

Silicone molding is a production method in which silicon is used as mold material and molds are manufactured by casting method. It has been used for low volume serial production and model copying since the 1970s. Since the mold production takes place very quickly, it is also used as a test prototype manufacturing method.

Silicone molds have been used for the reproduction of sculptural models usually due to low drawing values (0,1%) and high detail grabbing. Flexible silicone material has become an easy solution, especially when inversed parts can not be produced with plaster and polyester molds.

Silicone molds are produced by pouring double-component plastic materials. Silicone molding starts with the production of a master model, such as other casting mold methods. Master models can be produced by hand work, CNC benches or rapid prototyping methods. The sample part can be used as a master model if it is to be patterned for copying purposes.