RTM Composite Molds

The conversion of composite materials (SMC, BMC), known as ready-to-mold ready-to-mold compositions containing glass fibers, resins, additives and fillers, into hot press molds.

There are advantages such as the ability to produce complex shapes, the embedding of metal parts into the structure, and the different wall thicknesses. In addition, two sides of the product are shaped by the mold.

Complicated shapes such as holes that other composite material production techniques do not allow can be obtained. The scrap rate is low.

The disadvantages of this method are that the molding compositions need to be stored in ice-cupboards, the molds are more expensive than other molds due to the metal, and large and expensive presses are needed for the production of large parts. While the compositions used in the pre-molding method vary in their content, at most two types of pre-molding compounds are used.